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How NOT to Get a Job

The job market sucks. You just got a degree from an on line University and you are about the retire from the USAF. Should you panic? You could… but the chances are this will not be helpful.

Should you use a resume template –trying to sort out who who to listen to on how to write the da*n thing–and start bombarding companies with  them? Well, you could but… You see where I am going with this.

Did you ever wonder what it feels like to be the person tasked with fielding  thousands of resumes? Most of you didn’t. (I know– you are the same folks who never thought about what it felt like to be the Professor tasked with grading your last minute submissions for your course work…)

Well guess what, folks? You lot–your procrastinators and “getting my ticket punched sorts… (you know who you are) are NOT going to get jobs in this market. This blog  is NOT for you. (Unless you realize you need to learn new habits ,and that’s not many people on the Planet Earth. but if it is you–BRAVO. And welcome.)

Stay tuned for a new and MUCH MORE USEFUL way of looking at the world… only for the brave!

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