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So what’s with HR Blunders?

I know I am again preaching heresy… that Human Resources folks may not all be geniuses..  But I have dealt with them. I was a consultant they paid very well to assist them with hiring, firing and all manner of issues which companies face. There were three of us on the team– and I between us we had a HUGE amount of “in the trenches” “chops.” yet I wish I had a hundred bucks for each tome we were told “but that would never work” for what we knew were best practices. So, you see… these people (almost) all read the same books and make the same mistakes.”

If you follow the news you know how often people are badly hired… and badly fired.  Shucks–the fact that most corporations  now look only to their shareholders should tell you a lot– they don’t care about you, dear job seeker, and the family you have always supported in your military career… and they only will when you have become a “key” person. Which, as you knock on the  door, fresh out of the service, you are not.

So here are a few of the things they do: First off, as you may know, follow a pattern to slog though the excess of resumes. ANY error may get you (your resume) sh*tcaned….so you had best get the resume right. (More on that later as well.)

Second, if you send out the same cover letter to everyone you may as well go fishing… or biking or whatever you enjoy doing–because this will not impress a single soul who reads it. (Which is one reason you REALLY OUGHT to have been more patient when  your English composition teacher TRIED to teach you how to write well!)

So… the fact that HR people are probably overworked and underwhelmed by most applicants  is just ONE SMALL PART of what you need to know to stand out.

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