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Best Practices for Living and Working

I know I keep bashing HR, but sadly it is a real problem. Here is an excerpt from a court case:

“Supervisors allegedly told Back that it was “not possible for [an employee] to be a good mother and have this job.” They questioned whether her commitment would be as strong after she earned tenure, and they asked her about “spacing out her offspring.”

The court allowed the case to move forward, holding that stereotypes about mothers not being committed to or compatible with work were “themselves, gender-based.”


But I know I know—you need a job. You must decide if you want a job at a company with inhumane policies—they will bite you in the butt eventually.

Meanwhile, if you have your military retirement and the luxury of looking for the job where there really is a values match, take the time and trouble to do that.  One of my friends did—he now flies blimps. In the Army he drove helos, so it took some time to get multi-engine rated, but it is his dream job. (Not always his dream bosses but so far more good than bad.)

But the pursuit of self knowledge and excellence will always serve you. Do you keep your word? You’d be surprised how few people do.

Do you have the skills to ask a supervisor to set priorities on rush work? Probably not.

Do you live by the Golden Rule? If so, you will find the results are far better than if you live by the rule “he who has the gold…”

If you don’t believe that look at the mess our economy is in. The reason the wheels fell off in 2008 was not the war, although that is an ongoing issue. It was dishonest brokers, lenders and even borrowers– and those who believed that overheated housing prices were immune to retraction that tipped this house of card into collapse. Golden Rule? Sadly, no.


If everyone had played fair the problem would not have arisen—and  of they were playing fair now, solutions would have been found, and houses would not be sitting empty as banks get richer.

But also, if a company is going to promote, assuming any degree of honesty, who will they promote: the worker who is always on tome, who always comes through, and who is consistently helpful and cooperative? Or the one who is often late to work and on deadlines, who complains ands who back-stabs?

Who will go first in a lay off?  You do the math.

Like I said, this blog is not for the faint of heart…


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