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A Case in Point

Found on line, from a real job opening post: If you are given an offer for this job…“Your current employer will present you with a counter offer that includes a pot of gold and a unicorn if you try to leave them. (Of course, you will not accept this counter-offer because you know NPR is where you should be and the unicorn will understand.):”


This is a job which calls for a real fit—and real courage and real creativity. This is NOT your “typical HR” approach—and they know it. They use humor to illustrate that.

Which brings me to humor. Yes,  you, too,  can use humor in your cover letter—if you do it as well as these guys did.

The post continues: “Okay. It’s decided. You’re convinced that you are just what NPR needs and you want an opportunity to prove it to us. Here’s what you do next:

Craft a cover letter that illustrates the mastery of your craft, what you bring to this role, and the difference you can make. We want to know the following:

If I was the fit—and I’m not although I might have been 20 years ago with a slightly different career path—I would also put humor in my cover letter. I might mention the unicorn, but there are others ways a passionate applicant might show they fit the job and the culture of this company, and bring the combination of skills, abilities, and qualities NPR is looking for. But the main point here is they are looking for someone who is full of passion energy and enthusiasm.  And so was TUI (a school) when I was hired. So…. Bring these along too. But be very clear—there has to be a REAL FIT! You are the really right person for the job.  Fake enthusiam wil get you nowhere. But if it’s the read deal, be brave!  Show up–andgo for it!

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