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Good Old HR…

I know I am dumping on the people you think you want to hire you, but… knowledge is power. You n3eed to know this stuff. Here are some well founded opinions other than my own, posted on LinkedIn:

“I am an experience leader and manager with a solid background of hiring mentoring and releasing employees. This idea that a credit check is a good tool for selecting employees is truly false. The professional HR people have gone way to far in their business of poking into the private lives of people whom they would consider hiring or screening for some one else who has that authority. In summary the professional HR folks have a bad case of elitism that needs to be reigned in if not totally done away with…
Art Swezey”

“It is tough for the right people to get in the right positions to influence this change. Issues like this will only change by hiring insightful leadership who stays aware of what is going on and doesn’t allow things to stay the way they were just because it has worked so far. Being a leader in your company and hiring new people requires boldness and careful attention to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Thank you Mr. Swezey. I try to see things for what they really are and cut to the heart of the issue.”


Further, there is no “Human Resources” department in the military, so you may want to use this as one of many possible resources to learn the nature of the world you are trying to enter.

It is a world of people who do not really know how to hire or how to fire. It is a world of large companies. (None of this applies if you are working for a smaller company.) The large number of hiring and firing lawsuits attests to the truth of my assertions–and those of the two folks I have quoted.

So this also goes to the manta “make sure you do your research and this job really is a fit.” If (like me) you do not suffer fools gladly… you may want to stay away from large corporations.

Signing off for today…

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