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Some more Truths about HR… and Corporate America

Seen on the web: “Unfortunately employers don’t put things [they look for]  in the order of importance for you actually doing the job. They put things in order of the easiest way to eliminate candidates so they can weed through the thousands of people applying for the job. I can’t deny in this economy it has to be tough to turn away so many good people because there is a lot of talent out there that is looking for work. If they took the time to actually look at the candidates instead of eliminating them as quickly as possible with a computer system, their job would be daunting. It doesn’t make it right, but I understand why they do things the way they do it. The credit scoring system just shouldn’t be one of those things they crunch through numbers on, given the reputation for inaccurate and unfair information.” LinkedIn commentator

Seen in “HR education” http://diversityinc.com/article/8470/

“Seventy percent of employees say that the worst thing about their jobs is their boss.


Advice: “Find out what’s wrong and fix it, Cortes urges. Identify the prima donnas and micromanaging control freaks, the whiners, complainers, and blamers. Get them basic supervisory training and improve their performance continuously.”

“If you don’t really care about your people, your business is doomed. Caring is the reason why people stay. Get to know your people. Learn what each person likes and enjoys. Listen to them and learn about their interests, families, and hobbies. Protect your people from harm and from others in your organization. People are loyal to those who care about them and care for them.”


This should be common sense-but alas it’s not. I have NEVER had anyone “care about” me at work. In the military a few times, but NEVER in corporate America. Anyone out there have this in their job? Supervisors who CARE?

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