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A Refreshing Resource

Read in an HR post:

“We all have a desire to belong and contribute to something larger than ourselves. It’s why we join clubs, associations, and groups. It’s also why many people come to work each day. But for them to remain motivated and excited about their work, they need to understand what’s going on at the company where they’re dedicating so much of their time and energy. They need to know that what they’re doing really matters.”http://blogs.hrhero.com/oswaldletters/2011/07/29/open-and-honest-communication/#more-1125

How refreshing! And true!

There is a reason I taglined this blog “not for everyone.” That is because I am aware most people are unaware that the real reason most people are happy at a job is the desire to be part of something. Too many people in America today work because they have enormous debt, or kids to educate. Or both.

I was self employed for many years because I only had two jobs as a lawyer where I was happy. TWO. All the others were ordeals and I finally decided to ditch it and be self-employed. I did what made me feel I was making a contribution. I made less money and no “benefits”–like health care or a retirement plan–but I was happy.

My main audience for this blog is retired military members. I suspect some of you also liked being part of something—as I did for my 6 years kin the Air Force. So this post is for you. If you have a retirement income and can take your time seeking a job where the employers understand what this web site advocates—do it.  No amount of money can satisfy you if you work in a place where you are treated badly and the management is brain dead—graduates of the “Attila the Hun school of management” as we used t call it in my consulting days.

So in your job search, interview the company—at east as much as they interview you. Make sure they understand the truth that is laid out above. That people need to be connected, respected, “in the loop”, valued… appreciated. YOU will be at your best– and THEY will do their best to bring it out and support it. Everybody wins. And if you are going to be in management… treat people this way.

Semper Fi!

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