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Do We Work For Money Or Do We Work For Pride?

I have been corresponding with veterans of the United States Air Force in LinkedIn and have been pleased—but not really surprised—to see confirmed my sense that a sense of mission and excellence plays a HUGE role in job satisfaction.


We all shared the sense of mission when we served, and (by coincidence) it seems several of us also shared a common “AFSC”—military job description. Ground to Air radio. We were (I now know) the ‘go to” guys in part because our electronics career field worked on pretty much wasn’t worked on by any other specialty. We work on telephone switchboards, reel to reel tape decks, whatever needed to be fixed. And of course radios.

The point here is having a sense of mission and accomplished were the motivations here. Yes, the “benefits” wren good—I never had any money worries when I served in the Air Force—but did I make a huge paycheck? No. I wore an “OD Green:” uniform, and was happy to make sure it was starched, pressed and perfectly  met all requirements’. Aligned“gig line”, shined “low quarters” –and oh, yes, an undershirt, women and men–no umbrella allowed. Hair not reaching below the lower edge of the collar. Not glamorous is it?

But I was part of something.

Make sure when you go looking for your civilian job you will find something to be proud of.

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