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Best Places to Work are Employee Owned—or VALUE YOU!

In the 1990s an Orange County California company (alas, I have blanked on  the name) made a huge profit–which it shared with employees. The company was written up: bosses worked along side the regular workers on  the floor. No one spent their “bonuses” on stupid things–toys. (One employee borrowed a Porsche and drove it to work just to watch everyone’s face—then told them it was a joke.) They paid down their mortgages and debts. This is great place to work.

Elsewhere, a “study shows that the overwhelming success of companies like UK-based John Lewis is due to innovative mechanisms to encourage employee participation and cultivate a culture of ownership. Andrew Bibby explores how this company model of a fully or majority employee-owned business is not only self-sustaining and successful, but is in fact widely applicable.” http://www.ilo.org/wow/Articles/lang–en/WCMS_081375/index.htm

In the 90s employees were given “ownership” via ESOPS—a form of stock—but that did not work out all that well, as the airline industry shows. Many have suffered financially despite a degree of “ownership” by employees. Southwest may be an exception: here’s what their blog said in 2009: “Another thing that’s unique about Southwest is its sense of humor,” says Colleen. “We use words that corporate America doesn’t. Our stock exchange symbol is LUV. We give employees a lot of freedom. We don’t want them to be cookie-cutter copies of each other. When most people go to work, they take off their personal demeanor.”

Sounds like a great place to work to me.

Another company rated well by employees: “Treating their workers well was one of the reasons DPR Construction, a national company of 1,200 employees (130 in Orange County), ranked high in the meaning survey. Workers are free to pursue their passions and are cherished by management, said Jim Washburn, the company’s regional leader. The company also landed on Forbes “100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2010.http://www.ocregister.com/articles/company-279352-school-work.html

Bottom line.. don’t just work—work for joy and appreciation!

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