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Should I Say Or Should I Go?

There have been further discussions on Linkmen abut staying in then USAF or getting lot. Here are  a few hard cold thoughts on that score:


“In more and more businesses, the tasks and responsibilities are being piled up on smaller staffs and overworked employees, many of whom find themselves increasingly fed up with top-down management that doesn’t appreciate them.” http://www.greenforall.org/blog/a-cooperative-economy-the-time-is-now


Annie Leonard pointed out at the New York Times that Americans work longer hours than people in any other industrialized nation. We work nearly nine weeks more than Western Europeans, and we get far fewer vacations.:… (A recent article in Canadian magazine MacLeans also pointed out that Dutch workers, women in particular, often only work part-time to spend m, ore time with their families—and that the Netherlands consistently ranks as one of the happiest nations on earth.)\http://www.alternet.org/story/152130/longer_weekends_and_higher_wages_5_surprising_ways_that_would_help_improve_the_economy?page=1


It occurs to me many military members or recent retires may not realize what the civilian workforce is like these days. (Outside civilian contract work for the military.)

So, (unpleasant as my take on this is) it may be well to think carefully if you have  not yet separated. If you do—heed what I have already written in seeking a job that is a fit. And, again… it is a very good idea to have an exit strategy. I’m just saying…

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