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Values Really are Good Business

Well, boys and girls, I took a brief break from this one sided conversation… to have some fun. Then today I had the opportunity to take my own advice. I went on a job interview. It was ALL about values. And it was a blast.

But don’t take my word for it: this from the Zappos CEO: “Hsieh revealed that the company hires for culture. Applicants go through two interview processes, one for “the normal things,” like skills and abilities and experience, and one for “cultural fit.” If applicants don’t pass the cultural fit interview, they won’t be hired, no matter how good their skills or how great their ability to contribute technically.” HR Daily Advisor, August 31, 2011.

In fact Zappos is so committed to the culture that once the possible hiree has been trained they are offered $3,000 to move on. “Bonus to Quit”

“Once people complete the 4-week training period, they are offered a $3,000 bonus to quit. It’s Zappos’ way of saying we only want people who really want to work here. Two or three percent of trainees take the bonus and leave, Hsieh says. Zappos believes that this is money well-spent as these are people who probably wouldn’t have lasted long anyway.

Hsieh says there’s also a positive effect on the trainees who stay. They’re just that much more committed for having rejected the departure bonus.”

HR Daily Advisor, August 31, 2011.

So I suggest you hang tough even if you are feeling that “I will never find the right job”—I sure had to but… I think I have hit pay dirt. I job I can LOVE and where I can be appreciated. Doing WHAT I DO BEST.


Stay tuned.

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