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Joyful joyful…

Had a joyful day.  Gotta get used to this. Is this what “home” is? (Inner “home”?) We shall see…

OK, so  I managed to get from Guam to Mississippi to LA and SCALE, a all the best of law school and none of the worst, compressed into 2 years.. and started off with Con Law. And Professor Karlin. He was full of passion for Con Law and I LOVED the Socratic method. For the initiated–law school is NOTHING like regular school. They DO make you do mental calisthenics until your brain/mind/intellect is forever changed. You do not memorize and regurgitate–you learn to THINK a certain way and to explain the thinking on paper a certain way. No thinkee no tickee.

One of our professors. Professor Schaffer did tend to the sarcastic. He used to write on some papers “have you ever considered becoming a plumber?” I escaped that fate– on mine he would just write “Analyze”! Took me a good while to figure out what that meant as I HAD (correctly) analyzed the questions.. but (I finally grasped) i had no articulated  the STEPS. On paper.

But long before I knew that, I knew I lived the way the answer  (in class) generated another question–if this fact is changed — different result? I just LOVED it! Intellectual hog heaven. But how to explain the joy if Professor Karlin–soon dubber Uncle Normie because of his humor. His joy in teaching was just beautiful, and I KNOW I was not alone in  feeling it. I can still hear him say “but wait awhile” when explaining a process a court used to arrive at the result they wanted. Yes the courts cheat.)

But that passion and that joy made my introduction law school heaven. Strange huh? I sure lucked out

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