I was glad to see the question about the persistent stirrer of the pot-I have seen it SO much for SO long. I hope this book get wide reception.

Unhooked Books

Hello, I’m Megan Hunter, publisher of a few books at HCI Press and owner of UnhookedBooks.com, your resource for all things related to unhooking from conflict.

While working at the Arizona Supreme Court in family law, I listened as family court judges, lawyers and mental health professionals bemoaned having to deal with the 10%-15% of litigants who took 90% of the court’s time and resources yet were mostly able to resolve their disputes and move on. I empathized with their frustrations as they explained the stress caused by these cases – inability to sleep, not knowing who was lying or telling the truth, making decisions for families who were fractured seemingly beyond repair and watching the children suffer greatly. Sadly, I didn’t have a solution for them.

On the other side of the coin, I witnessed the destruction of a friend’s children as she and her children’s father sought to…

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