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There is an old saying “the law is a jealous mistress.” That still seems true. I have a client–my first since semi retiring and moving to a slow-paced and artistically oriented place. I am doing something I do REALLY well– absorb MASSES of data, perceive patterns (and truth), see the arc of the story, and present a coherent picture to the folks with the power. MAYBE allow a litigant trapped in litigation to achieve escape velocity.

Part of me loves the process of turning over the puzzle pieces and fitting them together. I was so good at that at Culbertson I was forever seeing things many other attorneys who had had the same file had missed.

I now realize most attorneys can’t do this–they just see one issue and one solution. (I read and reply to questions on Avvo –the responses from various and sundry attorneys are enlightening. (They have a hammer… So many nails…)

But even as my mind relishes digging in, I feel my creative energies being drained. Even as I use much more creative solutions than my peers (a graphic time line, for one) to sort this mess out… my photography and papermaking projects languish.

I am not sure why this is—but it is.

Even my writing languishes. (I write in my head every time something strikes me- but there is so much of it I don’t always write it down.)

BUT if I can strip away all the clutter in this scenario and MAKE IT EASY for the court to see the REAL arc… if I can get the mess on a track of “ADR”—alternative dispute resolution… I will have done a Good Thing.

But I won’t have made much art in the meantime.

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