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I’m BAAACCCK, now.. I am Carroll, HSP at law

So OK I have been silent for a while. I just didn’t have the urge to lay it all out for a while. I bought a house and that was a biggie– I have been a gypsy for 4–count em FOUR–years.  So I am getting used to that and I am sussing out what is next for me. And I have learned that when I feel reluctant to  do something there is a reason. I just don’t always find out why. In any case– I am back.

And one thing has become clear. Much of what I have written about here is explained by the likelihood my brain IS different. (I am not unique in this…  20% of the population are this way.) I am an HSP.

My idealism? HSP. My hunches, like the priest one, which I wrote about here? ? HSP. The many and significant synchonicities and lucky breaks–most of which I will now write about? HSP. My multiple interests and gifts? HSP. ( Warning… This can be a curse.) My analytical habits of mind? HSP.

My obsession with truth and my never-ending curiosity?  HSP– as in this quote from “Overexcitabality and the Gifted

Intellectual OE is demonstrated by a marked need to seek understanding and truth, to gain knowledge, and to analyze and synthesize (Dabrowski & Piechowski, 1977; Piechowski, 1979, 1991). Those high in Intellectual OE have incredibly active minds. They are intensely curious, often avid readers, and usually keen observers. They are able to concentrate, engage in prolonged intellectual effort, and are tenacious in problem solving when they choose. Other characteristics may include relishing elaborate planning and having remarkably detailed visual recall. People with Intellectual OE frequently love theory, thinking about thinking, and moral thinking. This focus on moral thinking often translates into strong concerns about moral and ethical issues-fairness on the playground, lack of respect for children, or being concerned about “adult” issues such as the homeless, AIDS, or war. Intellectually overexcitable people are also quite independent of thought and sometimes appear critical of and impatient with others who cannot sustain their intellectual pace. Or they may be become so excited about an idea that they interrupt at inappropriate times.”

OK I admit it– I do interrupt  this way. I thought I was just weird. I guess not. WIRED that way? Apparently. (BTW the term “over”–“overexcitable”– is applied by  those who are otherwise. Its not “over”  if it is exactly who and what you are.)

I am also an INFJ, No wonder I saw that family law as combat made  no sense to me at first glance. No wonder I write. No wonder my passion is often met with criticism by the self proclaimed spiritual types who think that “detachment”– lack of emotion” –equals the height of spiritual accomplishment. (I wish I had said this last Sunday– “I will let you teach me about power if you will let me teach you abut humility” . Hmph.)

So how did such a person end up in law? Part hunches, part synchronicity and part luck.

Stay tuned,

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