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Our Real Work

HSPs unite

Figuring Out Fulfillment

For many of us there is a great sadness in going to work, for we must hide within ourselves. And if not hide, pretend to be someone different from who we are, deny being who we are – or at least who we believe we are meant to be. Work becomes a lonely place, perhaps, but for the a few confidants who validate our gloom. We sometimes even believe we’re different – the only ones who see things for what they are – the only one who’s pretending.

We may disengage, not minding if the cuff of our shirt is frayed – what does it matter in this place – glad when we are passed over, reinforcing the invisibility we’ve grown used to. We may become angry, our gait walking down the hall a declaration, the fantasy of surprising them all when we quit.

Our misery and anger reinforced, relating…

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