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Magical Thinking Redux

I mused out loud about this, recently, but in the wonderful world of me– my “why?” Is there no cure or remedy?” –brain, I still ponder. (I suspect role playing is a powerful remedy but it’s never done in law. I did it in mediation training. Good stuff.)

It occurs to me that our society is awash in magical thinking and distorted thinking. A large part of our economy is fueled by convincing people that ____ will make them happy. Booze, a new diet pill, a fancy car, a relationship. Money. If you watch any TV the ads bombard us until we don’t even  notice the lies they promulgate. Happy cows live in California? Have you ever driven past the feedlots on the 5 freeway in Northern California? (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harris_Ranch)

Happy cows? I have SEEN happy cows. They live in Vermont–whose dairy products are incomparable. OK–this may seem an odd “beef”–but it just struck me one day and won’t leave.

So we have been taught to think poorly. We are inured to the disconnected between these myths and the facts.

But for some of us… it’s a painful thing to watch. What will happen to the generation of children whose parents, fighting every step of the way in court battles can’t get along at all? What will happen to the children born of short term sexual relationships wh0 never really had two parents?

Oh yes, I know–I am showing my age. (When I grew up, we had no “pill” and no abortion–and getting pregnant in your teens a was unthinkable. Sex was so far from our daily lives that on the sitcoms of the day none of the perfect parents parents slept in the same bed. Happy Days broke that mold.)

Now these cases abound and they all think they can use the internet to wend their way through the whole mess. Lawyers? Lawyers?  We are all greedy. (I am told that more than you would think.I cant post these remarks as they are privileged. =)

We are not affordable– and why we don’t often take plans plans is a mystery to the public. Which is a magical thinking symptom, as we get stiffed– a LOT. That was true even before people got really hit by this economy–and it’s worse now. I have been foolish enough to trust the wrong people– repeatedly– this year.  Stiffed almost as many times–and the folks who have treated me as a non priority all feel utterly justified. I am supposed to put their whining excuses front and center–even as they break their promises to me. Yeah– that bugs me.

Yet I continue to do what I do, as I see a societal need.

And yes, I worry. I do. I really do.

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