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The Road to Mediation Influences the Outcome

Thank you Gary!

Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

How you arrive at mediation can be influential to the process and outcome of your family matter.

I am frequently called upon by collaborative lawyers to mediate the parenting plan. Clients referred by their collaborative lawyers arrive at mediation with a positive sense of anticipation. While a little nervous, they are pleased to participate. They work well together and the work can progress quite smoothly. They make good use of time and are appreciative for guidance provided.

Once involved in this capacity, I occasionally hear that the collaborative lawyers are stuck and their 4-way meetings are running out of gas with the settlement of financial matters hanging in limbo. I offer to join my clients at their 4-way meetings in the role of facilitator. The clients then go to their lawyers and request my presence. Once requested and given collaboratively trained lawyers, I am always invited in. Invariably settlement discussions…

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