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Separating; Surviving; Thriving.

Some of the people I have worked with are truly better at deception, manipulation and lies than I or anyone else at telling the truth. I would see these folks in the context of contested child cust…

Source: Separating; Surviving; Thriving.

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Separated and Still Fighting Over the Kids? You May Be Screwed.

April 20, 2016 2 comments

On the money, as always

Gary Direnfeld, MSW, RSW

Screwed? It may not sound professional, but it is many parents’ reality.

You partnered with a person who you thought was nice and you learned through the relationship it wasn’t so. Along the way, you created a child together and now you are joined in parenthood forever.

In your disdain for and concern about the other, you seek to limit the child’s exposure to that other parent.  The belief is that in limiting access, the child will be less affected by the parent’s issues.  On that basis you extol the best interests of the child and set out to fight the good fight.

Here’s the rub. That child’s best interests also includes a meaningful relationship with both parents. To add, in intact families you don’t have to be a perfect parent. You don’t even have to be a good parent. You only have to be a barely adequate parent. Parents…

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Will California Gamble in Las Vegas? The Stakes are High in the Gilbert Hyatt Case.

Heaven help any of us they come after

This is a case I reported on earlier in my blog.  I cannot fathom how this story has not been covered by 60 Minutes or made the front page of any major daily.  I’m just as surprised that it has not surfaced in any major daily in California during the budget crisis.  Why?  Because this could cost the State over half a billion dollars.  In fact, a verdict has been delivered against California by a Nevada jury and is awaiting appeal- in the State of Nevada.

The events are covered in detail in any of the following sources:

Forbes, Oyez: US Supreme Court Media

To summarize, the California FTB sued Gilbert Hyatt, an inventor of a microprocessor chip, for tax fraud.  The FTB claimed that Mr. Hyatt did not file a return for the income derived from his invention.  Mr. Hyatt claimed he was already a Nevada resident at…

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