About Carroll

I am an attorney. I have practiced law, and have an active license to so so in California. (An expensive hobby…) From mid 1990s until 2008 I mostly did mediation– I kept families out of court. Along the way I was instrumental– HUGELY instrumental– in establishing Collaborative Family Law in rich (and corrupt)  Orange County. Of course, someone else takes the credit  for that–but I know the truth… and so do several of my colleagues.

I can speak the truth, now that I have ‘escaped” and live in paradise here in Sedona. In fact, I am thinking of calling myself the “truth shaman,” as I see now very clearly how lies entrap us–and so many aspects of law are lies and how strait a jacket “doing law” was in image conscious OC. In the meantime I am having fun posting truth in paces like “Avvo”–where people whine about how mean someone else invariably is being to them–looking for free legal advice.

I expect the recipients are often less than thrilled with the advice–(“stop litigating!!!”) but what do they want for free anyway?

And I am looking for what is next for me to do with all I have learned in the 2/3rds of my life I have lived so fa.r

  1. Pradeep
    January 4, 2015 at 6:16 pm

    Dear Carroll,
    I am a litigator in Singapore. I have been in legal practice for 20 years. Like you, I am a HSP and IFNJ (just realised this after having done the online Myers briggs personality). I have constantly asked myself the same questions which you have alluded to. I am glad I am not alone. Having said that, it has not been a cake work especially dealing with disputed day in and out.


    • January 5, 2015 at 1:06 am

      Dear Pradeep–I am always gratified when my writing helps people realize they are not alone. (I know that feeling well.) It is indeed no cake walk. Not only are you seeing hearing and feelings things “no one” else can, but you know things they can’t– and would not believe you do know. But in the end, we are such excellent lawyers, if we can manage to hang in. And I think the world needs us. Best of luck to you. and thank you for commenting.

  2. May 1, 2015 at 9:43 pm

    Hi Carroll,

    I’m an INFJ and a HSP. I was hoping to ask you some questions and gain some perspective. I’m an engineer currently, and have been contemplating going back to school to become an attorney. I’ve been exposed to the legal profession because of my dad (he was an attorney); however there is some trouble I have taking on some of his perspectives given the difference in personality and some other things. I’m not hoping to make your experiences mine, but I am trying to understand what I may be walking into and also trying to gauge if it’s a life that I’d like to take on. I’d like to feel satisfied in my job and at the same time have some creative freedom. I have enjoyed your posts and thoughts and if you had the time to answer some of my questions I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks for your writing and for being an inspiration to me.


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