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Hey-you out there with a gift… yes you!

So what shall I talk about today, in my one-sided conversation in cyberspace? I have covered the easy stuff: make sure your resume has NO errors. Make sure you research the company and write a unique cover letter. Make sure the job really is a fit and you believe you are the best candidate. Be prepared to interview—about which much more could be said it not by way of a blog. (I can coach people on this if they wish.)

You may have noticed the tagline of this blog says it’s not for everyone. Why do you think I said this? Well, much research has shown that people get attached to their ideas and tend not to be wiling to change them or consider their flaws. So I can’t do anything to help those people—they are sure they already know whatever there is to know. (See

But most of us are pretty darned human and need a mirror– and we need to learn more then we already know. THOSE are the folks I am interested in talking to.  Are you brave enough to say “Hmmm. Maybe I don’t know…” Are you someone who knows you have to make the world a better place and just need to know someone else sees that your gift is, indeed, important enough to share?

Good! Contact me!